Doublesee Media wins Bronze at The International Summit Creative Advertising Awards 2014.

  We recently ( May 2014) took a Bronze at The International Summit Creative¬†Advertising Awards 2014. The¬†awards¬†attracted over 5000 entries of fantastic work from 24 countries! The work awarded for was the¬†Angels4Olivia¬†campaign, for Angels Goal. This¬†was a combined effort with¬†Goodwill Freelancers¬†who managed the campaign and Doublesee Media Producing the video material including two National Television […]

Online Video Production Tasmania

Online Video is becoming increasingly more important for business’s, organisations and government departments to tell stories that need telling and can be told no other way, quickly, emotively and with purpose in mind. At Doublesee Media we regularly produce online video that speak to and entertains target audiences all over Australia and the world , […]

The Video Clip and Web Video

We make Web Video and Video Clips Since Internet speeds have become faster and we find larger media files loading way quicker than they used to, videos are becoming increasingly more popular as a medium to tell a story. At Doublesee media we can enhance your website with a web video or video clip highlighting […]

Confessions of an Ex-Mainlander

Recently returning to the now ‘officially’ named Tarkine, at the birth of winter a couple of weeks ago, was a pretty special experience. I wanted to capture some shots of the rivers with the sun angled low, the rain and the mist, the fungi and the ferns and let the Tasmanian bush wash over me […]

Some things we keep secret…

…and so we should. Or should we? Thoughts from the feature documenatry film, currently in post production, w/t ‘Tigerland’…perhaps ‘The Tigers Inside’ An animal like a thylacine can keep itself secret, no problem. Her life depends on secrecy, she is predator that has been preyed upon. She won’t advertise her location, she won’t blab her […]