Some things we keep secret…

…and so we should.

Or should we?

Thoughts from the feature documenatry film, currently in post production, w/t ‘Tigerland’…perhaps ‘The Tigers Inside’

An animal like a thylacine can keep itself secret, no problem. Her life depends on secrecy, she is predator that has been preyed upon. She won’t advertise her location, she won’t blab her intentions, she won’t tell…But just because she won’t, should we be the same?

As we delve into her secrets, we are finding out about others. We are confronting their intentions and in turn our own, and know the care that has to be taken for her to stay safe. One could say she will say what she needs in time.

Sometimes it feels like she is leading us somewhere. Holding out her paw and helping us through the forest and across ridge tops to safety when we stray from the path, or sometimes when we get too close. When she isn’t ready she leads us away pushes us into the void leaving us shattered but always when we feel this disheartened she pulls us a little closer again.

Her secrets will show themselves when she is ready. I just hope it’s not too late…