The Carnival of the Here and Now film is here… now!

Just in time before we submerge ourselves again into another Aged Care Facility( next week 21st feb 2012), we finally have all our clearances to show you the film that has had quite a few people in the world of Arts and Health getting just a little excited !

The Carnival of the Here and Now is a project that is bringing the world of the Fun and Bizzare into “Old Peoples Homes” , like a mini festival that cruises  the usually quite halls with dance, sound, bubbles and gyrations and lets the residents decide if they want to be entertained or not!




This film is an introduction to the project and a teaser to a longer form film aimed at anybody who is getting older. Yes, that’s you!

We all have to think about, sooner or later, what we will do with our older family members at some stage in our lives. Why should we tuck it away, or them, for that matter.  One thing I have learnt in the course of this production here is that we need not be scared of these places and we can go in be a part…we should…

And being purely selfish here, we will be there ourselves one day, why not make them the sort of places we would like to be in , before we get there !

Creature Tales and Island Care have been great co producers of this and very courageous to create and allow this to happen!

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    1. Limbo Man !! Thanks Telen…it is important. Getting attention for it will be tricky, outside the health circle though, its not a shiny, sexy subject, but we will make it one! ( we have an ace up our sleeve!)

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