The fun of ageing … “The Carnival of the Here and Now”

At Double see we are so proud of being involved in this Project, putting together the film to take this idea onward and upward…

Here is a bit more about it from Bronwyn Purvis, ABC Open who was there helping us on the day…

Have you ever done a blockie through the corridors of an aged care home?

Betty Hodgson has. She jumped into the “Carnival Go-Go cart”, a hybrid wheelchair/ billy cart that is powered by carnie clown assistants. She whirled through the home blowing bubbles as she went.

The Go-Go cart was just one of the many joyous activities happening  as part of the “Carnival of the Here & Now”. Creature Tales director Chris Mead bought a travelling company of carnival characters to the Eliza Purton home, attempting to make rich connections with sufferers of dementia and related illnesses. The aim was to bring joy, relieve anxiety and create some magic through elements of carnivalesque, sideshow and circus performance.

A hula hoop girl practised in the courtyard whilst people watched the meticulous process of body painting in the lounge. The Go- Go cart hooned around whilst Bodane the magician visited rooms to give residents their very own magic show. All the artists gathered with the residents for a lunch time “kings of the carnival” feast. As we ate we were entertained by carnie clowns, dung beetle dances, tight rope walking puppets and live music.

The “Carnival of the Here and Now” made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye. The staff, residents and families of the Eliza Purton home have to be applauded for inviting the carnival in. It was risk and it succeeded. Chris and the artists created a magical day.

It is Seniors Week this week in Tasmania. The emotions and ideas that the carnival gave me were very timely. When I am old, I hope their will be carnivals like this. It will make ageing fun.

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