Love The Last Laugh…Music Video

The beauty of our collaboration together at Last Laugh films is that whilst we have many ideas, they invariably seem tuned to the same wavelength. And this time the radio tuning was Wolf Bird!

Another great concept meeting with Dave and Ness from Last Laugh earlier this week. We were brainstorming the upcoming music video for electronic outfit Wolf Bird Radio’s first single- Bells and Birds, which has been sitting in the top three of Triple J’s Electronic chart for weeks and even held the number one position for quite a while.

Its a beautiful, delicate, hopeful track, that has had our minds spinning with pictures… and we just wished we could have something finished to look at there and then…but we don’t. That’s the fun bit.

Time to bring the concept to Nigel and Wolf Arrow Rain and see what they think…it should be ready before the end of spring !

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