Wild About Social Media and Hooves!



One project that we have just begun is with Wild About Hooves, a Natural Hoofcare Business providing education, wild horse tours and Hoof podiatry!

I have worked with W.A.H. before, making their 30 min hoof care instructional DVD and a 25 min documentary from Out back To Race Track, plus a  few smaller projects.

The brief – Three three-minute Videos for YouTube. Instructional videos about small problems with horses feet ( sometimes i say feet but i guess they are always hooves)

I have expanded this brief recommending and almost insisting that I will only make them more films if they embrace the Social Media and get a Blog. It’s no use just putting something on You Tube and hoping people find it. You have to get out amongst the people and now the people are on Facebook, twitter and soon Google + ( well we will see )

When you havent yet been in these areas, they are pretty scary places I guess. That is exactly the case here. Both partners are yet to “Get Social”. Why should they ? They are under horses all day…cutting hooves with sharp knives…meeting people on farms with checkered shirts and who may have only just got themselves a mobile phone. Or so they thought.

Two days ago i set them up with a face book account ( they havent seen it yet) but they have over 200 friends already and every time i check it i am confirming a dozen new requests !! They are quite easy to recognise as being the right kind of friend too these horse people , there is always, nearly always a picture of a horse for their profile pic!!!

Note: March 2012 around 2000 friends 1000 subscribers nearly 5000 YouTube viewings…

Anyway, its been a good start. They have a blog page and  “Face thingy” (sic) and have already been connected with a tv show that would like to do a promotion for their products, and this is in two days!!! wow!! Actually I am even a little impressed my self.

Next week we go shooting three three minute films, if that rain holds off…

heres a little something we did nearly 6 years ago…just for fun.