Real Estate Video- The future of Real Estate Web Marketing

Internet Real Estate Video’s in Australia  especially Tasmania, are still a rare item to be found in a Real Estate Agents marketing kit. However, this is sure to change over the next five years.

One of the big problems still is the lack of web portals, in the sector, to actually place these videos.

I have yet to find, in any real sense, a platform or portal that is set up from the get go ,to be Video ready in its over all user interface.

But this will change.

Doublesee is in discussions right now with portals about integrating video into their new layouts and bringing the inevitable kicking and screaming into reality, now.

We would like to be able to produce for and to help agencies produce their own video advertising , but we need for it to go somewhere other than youtube.

If you want to be at the head of the queue when it begins ….
see Doublesee.

We are offering packages  for a Web Video advertisment , filmed in HD, processed and placed on our channel and yours, ready for embedding to where ever you want.


By the way, at the moment,  this is For Tasmanian Agents and Vendors and only !

(sorry mainlanders)

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