Filmography…Andrew Del Vecchio

Filmography… DRAMA Water – a poem 10 mins 2009 Director The story of man’s struggle to overcome the immense forces that destroy our innocence and suppress the immense creativity that slumbers within us all. St Kilda Film Festival 2010 ( two award nominations ) Ten Days on the Island 2011 Heart of Gold Film Festival 2011 Young at Heart Film Festival 2011 Collateral Damage 5 minutes 2006 Writer, Producer, Director Two brothers struggle to come to terms with an accident of the past, when the younger grabbed the wheel of the family car to miss a wallaby on the road. Dad died. Now his brother, years later wants to teach him a lesson as they drive home on country roads at night, will he learn this time…. Finalist- Island State film Festival 2006 Falls Festival -Films in the Field 2006 Nice Shorts. TV- 5 stars top ten in top rated films 2006 Our top ten finalist 2006 MUSIC VIDEO Guthrie-Last Laugh 4 mins Guthrie – Bitch’s Kitchen 4 mins Writer, Producer, Director Guthrie are headlining every gig they play in Tasmania with Tas-manians and supporting larger mainland bands. They are hard hitting swamp blues band with dirty vocals and a hard core, driv-ing, guitar sound. Blues Purists scream with rage at their sound, but are soon to be found stomping in the pit with the youngsters. In production partnership with the ABC screened on Rage, ABC 2011 2012 THE HAWKS FOOTY SHOW Two 3 -4 min films looking at community sports in Tasmania. Writer, Producer, Director -You can play for a very long time in the N.T.S.S.A – Social Soccer -Endurance Horse Riding in Tasmania Screened on Southern Cross Tasmania and affiliate stations in Northern Territory. DOCUMENTARY The Nic of Time 5 minutes 2006 Writer, Producer, Director Nic Kupetsky is a legend in Tasmanian soccer. 81 years old and still plays every Saturday. Fleeing Europe at the end of World War Two for fear of be-ing executed by the Soviets for fight in the Russian Liberation Army, he came to Tasmania and found a new life. Is he the oldest Player in the world, does it really matter? Made as five minute film but extensive interviews and production has been completed and possible production of a longer film. Shown on SBS football shorts 2006 website Falls festival – Films in the Field (top billing) Extensive theatre showings in Tasmania Summer season on “Spirit of Tasmania FERRY SHORTS” – nightly screenings A Family Divided 1 hour Documentary -Second Unit, Director of Photography -Cinematography Attachment -Directors attachment Olivia Mensah is larger than life with a heart and wisdom to match. This is her story, a mother of seven, former broadcast journalist and political prisoner, Olivia is on a mission to get a container of much needed supplies to her old refugee camp in Ghana and to reunite with her fractured family. Screened Nationally SBS 2009 Numerous Festivals around the Globe From Outback to Race Track 25 mins 2008 Writer Producer Director Cinematography Documentary examining the way the wild horse survives and thrives in condi-tions very different to the way the domestic horse is made to live. Problems associated with the domestic horse can be alleviated if we can understand bet-ter the needs of the horse. Design to be a promotional tool for the Bare Foot horse movement, to take metal shoes off the horse. Shot in outback Australia and Tasmania. Interviews/locations /action/demonstrations/horse footage Premiered -Equitana International horse expo, Melbourne 2008 November. Currently in negotiations with broadcasted television show. Naked Running Preview 5 mins 2008 Preview of Naked Running a 52min documentary following the journey of myself as I search for the truth in Horses ability to run with their hooves free of metal shoes and the mysteries surrounding the shoes themselves. Selected for the Australian International Documentary Conference Catalogue 2008 Wild about Hooves Training film -30 mins 2007 Educational , informative film showing Barefoot trimming techniques and comparisons of wild horse hooves to domestics and issue relating to the Natural Care of horses. Fun and Quirky. Peewee Bit Training/promotional web film Confessions of a Production Manager Short Documentary 6-7mins2007 Looking at 6 months of Production Management form the point of View of Elena , Production Manager on Tamar Tidings.

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