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For 16 years I have been telling the story of the Tasmanian Tiger, and more importantly the story of Tasmania through the presence of this elusive animal and the people who keep its secrets…and through my journey telling stories first to backpacking tourists and now hopefully to the world through film,I have encountered many strange and wonderful experiences and people.

Just in the last year things have begun to hot-ten up for the film and for the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) and I find myself in the position where I have to make haste to get the rest of the journey underway and shot. Its gonna be quite a ride and I have some leads to meet and more will come. That has just been the way.

To date I have shot dozens of hours worth of footage and interviews in the wilderness areas of the Tarkine and in Nursing homes, Museums and Mountains…There is an incredible story here that has already had me experience events leading to mild post traumatic stress and fear of my safety. But this only strengthens the resolve and makes things clearer in the end.


And in the end? Well, let’s just say they are here…but what do we do…first we learn the real story, first we learn the truth and then we can make decisions. I wish I could tell you more now…I can’t, but it will come.

I will be setting up a dedicated website soon for this project. My producer and I have decided not to go through official channels to fund the film, it has mostly been a labor of love to date and will continue to be so…but if you would like to contribute a donation of anything, to see this happen and as soon as possible you can through the paypal link below right…

… if you do, Thankyou!! It really is appreciated and you can send me an email to let me know, so I can keep you informed.

It is gonna be a good film, a great film actually and you will get credit if you support it. Unless of course you too wish to remain a secret!

Thank you again!

Andy Del Vecchio



7 thoughts on “TigerLand -Thylacine Documentary

  1. I think it would be very cool to see Col Bailey, a veteran tiger hunter discuss encountering thylacines in the wild with famous tiger hunters – like Chris Rehberg (who has heard thylacine calls in the wild, found paw prints), Murray McAllister (believes in thylacine in mainland, interesting film footage from recent search in Tasmania), and members of T.hylacine R.esearch U.nit (Chris Copeland, Bill Flowers, Warren Darragh), + other new generation tiger hunters that I would love to meet! Col Bailey, Chris Rehberg, and Murray McAllister have been featured in many documentaries and news programs. It would be great to see them all together and compare notes!l

    1. It would be Tina and we would like to talk to some of these people…
      there are also a whole lot more out there too who tell no one, say nothing and do not seek the limelight, who we are very interested in talking to, and in their own time, under their own terms…we want to tell a new story.

  2. Sounds great Andy. I am a closet/part time reader, researcher.I eagerly await your spin on this amazing animal. Im sure it will fuel my fire. When are you looking at releasing it?

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